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Friday September 21, 2018

Administrative Services

  • Develop new sites for implementation of the dual language education model
  • Provide administrative services for institutions wanting to develop this model at their sites
  • Prepare and present marketing and feasibility studies for a dual language program
  • Market need analysis
  • Enrollment projections
  • Focus groups
  • Consulting services for dual language site development and administration
  • Business Plans
  • Start-up plans
  • Licensing and accreditation
  • Marketing and media strategies
  • Support structure
  • Selection, hiring and training of staff
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Academic Services

  • Prepare and implement procedures for the hiring of faculty capable of teaching in a dual language accelerated environment for adults
  • Prepare, train and offer faculty professional development in areas such as:
    1. Multicultural Education
    2. Assessment in the Dual language Classroom
    3. Learning Styles
    4. Constructivism
    5. Facilitation techniques for dual language courses
    6. Facilitation guides for teachers whose first language is not English
    7. Surviving 4 hours in the accelerated, adult classroom
    8. Use of Technology in the Accelerated Dual Language Adult Classroom
    9. APA
    10. Strategy I – CALLA in the Accelerated Dual Language Adult Classroom
    11. Strategy II – SIOP in the Accelerated Dual Language Adult Classroom
    12. Grading/Assessing Writing in Content Area
    13. Grading/Assessing Oral Communication in Content Areas

      Training and certification of faculty on the preparation of instructional modules—a series of workshops that trains facilitators or professors on how to design instructional activities that will be needed in the classroom. These workshops include the following:

      1. Assessment
      2. Content development
      3. Oral/Written Language in a Specialty Area
      4. Writing Objectives
      5. Specialization
      6. Language
      7. Module Format
      8. Facilitation Techniques
        – Constructivism for Dual Language
      9. ISearch for Resources
      10. Instructional Design for Dual Language
        -Thinking and deciding which workshop is in what language
      11. ADDIE Model – Vision of Dual Language
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Licensing Agreements

  • Licensing for the use of academic and administrative materials needed for the implementation of the accelerated, dual language model for adults
  • Course modules
  • Workshop materials
  • Administrative handbooks, procedures and forms
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