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Friday September 21, 2018

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AGMUS Ventures, Inc. was created to develop, implement, and disseminate an accelerated, dual language educational program that prepares professionals in their field of study as they perfect their linguistic skills in Spanish and English. This virtual page provides the opportunity to learn more about our model and its successful implementation. In addition, it explains how AGMUS Ventures assists educational institutions and communities in establishing their own dual language education programs.

Accelerated Dual-Language Education aimed at Adults...

The demand for bilingual professionals in both English and Spanish increases every day. The global nature of business and professional transactions, together with the rapid and continuing growth of the Latino population throughout the United States, makes it essential for employers who prefer to hire and manage associates that are effective in more than one language and culture. Therefore, it is important that universities and other institutions offer programs that satisfy the current demands and enable their students to stand out in a bilingual environment. Thus, AGMUS Ventures is an alliance that contributes its talents and resources to achieve the educational and bilingual objectives of the community.